WWE Champion Bray Wyatt dies unexpectedly at 36 years old

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Bray Wyatt, best known by his in-ring pеrsona “Thе Fiеnd”, has passed away at agе 36 as announcеd by World Wrеstling Entеrtainmеnt (WWE). Thе popular champion had bееn battling a lifе-thrеatеning illnеss.

WWE shared that Wyatt, whose real name was Windham Lawrеncе Rotunda, diеd on Thursday. His last tеlеvisеd wrеstling match was at thе 2023 Royal Rumblе еvеnt.

Dеbuting in WWE in 2009, thе charismatic Wyatt gainеd famе through offbеat, horror-thеmеd storylinеs and mystiquе-shroudеd altеr еgo Thе Fiеnd starting in 2019. His ееriе costumеs and sinistеr mind gamеs еnthrallеd audiеncеs.

As both Bray Wyatt and Thе Fiеnd, hе hеld numеrous championships and hеadlinеd major WWE еvеnts. His crеativity and commitmеnt to his thеatrical characters made him a standout.

Bray Wyatt was close to returning to the ring

Wyatt had not competed since January and was nearing an in-ring comeback as per reports. He was dealing with a life-threatening illness and taking health precautions.

Sources stated he was significantly improving and medically cleared to wrestle again soon. His untimely passing has shocked the wrestling community.

Fellow WWE star The Miz tweeted condolences, saying: “The world lost a good one today. Bray Wyatt’s storytelling and creativity made you glued to the screen. I’ll truly miss Windham Rotunda’s fun spirit and infectious laugh most. My thoughts and prayers go to the Rotunda family. Rest well, my friend.”

Many others shared memories of Wyatt’s enormous talent and unique persona that captivated viewers. His creativity and ability to reinvent himself as The Fiend engaged audiences in surreal, sinister stories.

Though his life was cut short, Wyatt made his mark through visionary performances that pushed boundaries. His passion for his craft was undeniable to all. The outpouring of tributes proves the immense impact Wyatt had both in and out of the ring.

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What Was The Death Cause?

WWE’s statement said Wyatt died “unexpectedly” but did not provide a cause. However, multiple media outlets like Daily Mail and Fightful have reported the cause as a heart attack, citing sources.

Wrestling journalist Sean Ross Sapp tweeted: “I was given permission to reveal that earlier this year Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt) got COVID which exacerbated underlying heart issues. There was much positive progress towards a return. Unfortunately today he suffered a heart attack and passed away.”

The 36-year-old Wyatt is survived by his fiancée WWE announcer JoJo and their two children, as well as ex-wife Samantha Rotunda and their two daughters.

The wrestling world is shocked over his sudden passing in the prime of life. But reports suggest Wyatt was battling undisclosed heart complications, possibly worsened by a COVID-19 infection.

While the official cause is still unconfirmed, numerous insiders have stated a heart attack led to his tragic, premature demise. The outpouring of grief from colleagues and fans demonstrates Wyatt’s immense impact in his short but influential career.

Heart attack cases are rising among young adults.

Bray Wyatt’s sudden passing at 36 highlights the alarming rise of heart attacks among young adults. Many fatal cases are occurring in people in their 30s and 40s. Per World Health Organization data, nearly 18 million lives are lost yearly to cardiovascular events – primarily heart attacks. Incidents have increased post-COVID, though experts debate virus versus vaccine links.

Recognizing early signs and risk factors is crucial. Common heart attack symptoms include central chest pain/discomfort; pain in the arms, shoulder, jaw, or back; and numbness, especially on one side. Other signs are confusion, speech issues, vision problems, severe unexplained headaches, dizziness, and fainting.

Key risk factors in youth are unhealthy diet, excess salt intake, inactivity, and stress. As deaths spike in young demographics, awareness of subtle symptoms saves lives. While scary, most survive with prompt treatment.

Wyatt’s untimely death reinforces the need for individuals, however young, to know their risks and monitor for changes. Though more research into causes is needed, proactive precautions and lifestyle factors remain vital. Wyatt’s legacy reminds us to value health and seek help when concerned.

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