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Satta Matka

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betting and lottery

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Ratan Khatri

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Ratan Khatri

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B2C,  B2B,  B2B2C  


Jammu and Kashmir, India




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satta matka

About Satta Matka

Satta Matka is a popular gambling game in India that involves betting on the outcome of numbers. It originated in Mumbai, and over the years, it has become a popular pastime for many people in the country. is a Mumbai-based startup company founded in 2002 by Ratan Khatri.
The company is known for its online platform that offers a wide range of Satta Matka games, including Kalyan Matka and Satta Market. The platform has become the ultimate destination for Satta Matka game lovers, providing a safe and secure environment for players to participate in the game. is dedicated to providing its players with the best possible gaming experience, and the platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The company also offers various services, including customer support and tips on playing the game.

Satta Matka

Founders and Teams

Sattamatka is a popular form of gambling that originated in Mumbai, India. It is based on the lottery-style game of numbers and was initially started by Ratan Khatri in 2002.

Startup Story

Mission and Vision of Satta Matka

Business Model and Revenue Model

Business Model and Revenue Model

Satta Matka is a Mumbai-based startup company founded by Ratan Khatri in 2002. The company operates with a B2B and B2C business model, serving both business clients and individual consumers.
For those unfamiliar with SattaMatka, it is a form of gambling that originated in India and has been popular for many years. The game involves players betting on a set of numbers, and the winning numbers are determined through random selection. The game has become increasingly popular in recent years, both in India and in other parts of the world.
As a B2B and B2C company, SattaMatka serves business clients and consumers. Their business clients may include other gambling companies or casinos that wish to offer their customers SattaMatka as a game option. Meanwhile, individual consumers can participate in the game directly through the SattaMatka platform.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Ratan Khatri is The Founder of Satta Matka.

Satta Matka was Founded in 2002 By Ratan Khatri

Satta Matka Headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Satta Matka Business Model id B2C,  B2B,  B2B2C  

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